Quest 16 - First Impressions

Do's and Dont's to landing a great first impression on anyone anywhere.

The Do's

  • Increase your attractiveness by dressing your best and having good cleanliness.

    • dont overdress for situation

    • clean nails

    • shower prior

    • smell good, but dont over do it

  • Stand up Straight, have good posture

  • Have good eye contact, but dont stare

  • Be on time

  • Be yourself

  • Stay Positive, optimistic

  • Listen more than you speak, ask more than you answer, (eventually it turns into a game of balance of knowing)

  • Smile and have fun.

  • best foot forward

The Don'ts

  • Basically the opposite of the Do's list.

  • Stay off your phone

  • Watch what you say and you tone.

  • Do not get drunk or inebriated in any way

  • Avoid cursing

  • Do not refer to Ex more than 3 times

  • Don't steer the conversation towards sex or your sexual prowess

  • pea┬Ěcocking

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